ZoomNotes: Update 7.5.2 more for your productivity

Today, a new update had been published and it will enhance the way you can use your favourite note taking software. There have been several new functions applied to ZoomNotes.

I am very happy to say, that some of the new features were proposed from you - my reader- and got implemented now:

Copy links

Now, you got a button for copying your x-callback-URLs into the pasteboard to be used as reference to further usage. Just click on the new link button and that’s it.

But there is more - actually much more:

Copy links into another app of your choice

Use your workflow app like LaunchPad or Workflow.is to use your notes within your own workflow.

This new feature will not only enhance your workflow but gives you as an user more flexibility. Use it with your other favourite apps like BusyCal, BusyContacts, 2Do or what ever you like and link your text or handwritten notes to them.

There is still more to come:


Use x-callback-URL for all your bookmarks to go really fast to them from any app you prefer.

Is there still more? Yes, there is!

Use your links in objects

Sometimes, while presenting in front of your audience, you want to refer to outside or inside links? No problem! Use the latest addition for polygram and shapes and apply either your bookmarks or web links to them. That works with all shapes and polygrams!

While presenting just click on your shape or polygram and it will lead you to the link with ease. Afterwards just return to your presentation and continue where you have left.

Little hint from me:

An x-callback-URL can also be opened using the web link. With all this new additions your possibilities are now endless and your audience will be astonished.

Do you have an idea or need more possibilities for your text and handwritten notes? Then just leave a comment of contact me by email!


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