DEVONagent: The Only Agent with licence to find and search

In today’s time it’s getting gor and more important to have your information on your finger tips and available all times. It does not matter if you are local in your network or on travel - everything you can access and store on your own cloud or additional information on the Internet. Sometimes it takes ages to get your research done and more importantly to get only those data you really need and this the point DEVONagent - The only agent with licence to find and search will help you here and makes your MAC to a power search machine.

Search your current way

Before you can write on your project you need to do your research and this will be a huge journey through the universe of the Internet. The trouble is to find exactly these information which are relevant to your project.

Do you know this?

The best results are somewhere hidden and even search engines like Google, Bings, Yahoo, Yandex and so on cannot really show you the needed information straight away which you really need for your project.

Yes, I know you can search with prefixes within Google like type, date, site but more often that is not enough. Every second the Internet will be floated with new information and data; hence your needed data get from site one to site three very easily just because of the amount of data.

Search smart and more efficient (like Germans do :-) )

Do you want to have your search results straight away and nicely presented then is DEVONagent from DevonTechnology for you. DevonTechnology develops DevonThink and DevonThinkToGo too.

Hang on!

Is it possible to send my search results into DTPO and be able to search it like I can with any other document within DTPO?

The Answer: Is YES - you can and much more!

As so often do not let you be fooled by this little search box. Is is the first glance only but It is more important what DEVONagent has under the hood!

That’s why, do not be surprised - take another peek and DEVONagent will change your way how you search your information in the future. Search smart, efficient and rocket fast!

Search with DEVONagent

This search is packed with great tools to adjust DEVONagent to your needs and not the other way around:

  • More Search Engine
    Google, Yahoo, Bing, das Web, DuckDuckGo and more

  • Subjects and Topics your need
    Search to your project topic or subject - if IT, Medical, Laws or Social Networks - just choose yours.For each subject/topic there are several sets to search straight away and of course you can add, change and render them to your likings.

  • Decision is yours!
    How you want to search if fast or deep or deeper - depending on how deep you want to search the Internet universe. It is your choice how deep you wand or like to dive into the Internet.

  • Go on your treasure hunting
    Now you are searching the Internet and all of a sudden someone calls or your need postpone your search for later.And what to do now?The solution is easy - Save your search in DEVONagent including all your results and use them later. Now, you got time for your call or meet up with friends without the feeling of missing anything.

    Your search will wait for you and you can

  • use it when you want and save as often you like - it is your choice!

  • search in your browserSimply, use the integrated browser of DEVONagent or let your results be shown in your favourite browser.


The first time I have seen the options and settings I thought „Six options he?“ Is that all - yes, there are six options only.


Here are the general options for:

  • How you want to display DEVONagent

  • Warnings

  • Search windows, overview, results, protocols or options

  • Summaries

  • Start of DEVONagent and start site for the browser

  • Location, where to save data, downloads and temporary files

  • Fonts to be used for source text and text



These options are for:

  • Save pages temporary

  • Cache folder and how to delete it

  • How the preview will be shown

  • Maximal connections - this you know from DTPO

  • Exclude domains, links which you are not interested in.

Menu extension

Determines, how DEVONagent will be started, how you can search and how your results will be shown.

There is also a hotkey to start DEVONagent.


All options here and choices are similar to DevonThinkProOffice and you can turn them on and off.


Are for the integrated browser within DEVONagent and how tabs and windows are opened. Further, there are possibilities to open with hotkeys.


Bookmarks can be imported from your favourite browser into DEVONagent. Additionally, you can use Bonjour for your bookmarks.


Send yourself your result by email or import to DevonThinkProOffice. :-)

Use AppleMail or direct your SMTP server.


When should be updates installed?

As mentioned before, it is important what is under the hood:

Surf the Internet

Surf with the integrated browser of DEVONagent and you can explore the Internet - if in private windows or without - everything is possible as you like it from your favourite browser.

The options for web can be adjusted and turn on or off to your likings like enable Plugins, Java, Scripts and so on. Zoom of web content or only zooming of text are available. Further to this, also all sorts of text encoding can be chosen.

How to view the source text, layout or only text without images can be enabled or disabled. You can control this options also while you are searching.

See Also….? Do you know this function?

Right, from DevonThinkProOffice ! - There is this option too and shows you related information within your database. In DEVONagent it is similarly and related information can be searched for and displayed. Additionally, you can use Apple Script to „see also“ in your databases too if you like.

After you have found your information just send it to DTPO and sort them into your databases and folders straight away.

How do you like to structure your search results? Just use the summary function and get an TOC and summary of your results. After that you can import them into DTPO if you like.

Several sets for your search are available and you will be amazed in how to search and find your data in the World Wide Web in a smart and productive way. The way will be new to you but your results are too and saves you time as you will have needed information immediately.

Protocols and Repetitions are available and you can - as mentioned before - just save your result for later use.

Search for that you really need

For instance, you like to know more about DevonThink and CSS. Two terms for your search and your results can be rendered with loads of additional options and fits into your own workflow.

The Protocol

Shows you what you have searched for and which websites containing the results and which of them got excluded. So, you are able to narrow down your results within a short time.

The Options

Keep what you need and trash what you do not! There is also a second search options there you can narrow down your results with a secondary search function. That means that your already searched results get fine-tuned again, so that only the data you really need remain in your search.


Personally, I really do like the overview to visualise my results and see how they are related and linked to.

I use loads of abbreviation like DTTG and DTPO and these terms get displayed with DEVONagent too:

Currently, Google and Co. Still display the URL string with „index.php“ as I had to use it before I moved my site to a new provider. However, there are redirects in place which will lead you to the correct site.

Hence, you will find all my articles with or without „index.php“ - one click will lead you to my article with no issue at all.

All results can be displayed as a kind of mind map and visualise your results with ease.


Once you have fine tuned your results and are happy with them just send them to DTPO.

Do not you use DTPO? You really should!

Found but not really sure

Sometimes, you are not thousand percent certain if the results are really what you need. Just use the „See also“ function and explore related information in the Web and specific your queries further.


Use scripts for your results which are already included or write your own script and use it while your research. Make your workflow smarter and more efficient with DEVONagent, Apple Scripts and much more.

Several plugins and scripts are already there and waiting to be used to help you to search even more efficient and smarter using your way!

Why not take a trial?

Fancy to search and find your information in the Universe of the World Wide Web? Find your information faster, smarter and get really the results you need. Being more productive and efficient with a new way of searching information and integrate it into your workflow and DevonThinkProOffice.

Do you really like this sound?

Then just test DEVONagent for 30 days here..

Tested and happy? Do you like to buy DEVONagent?

Of course I will help you with tips and hints and today, I like to help you to find and search smarter with DEVONagent Express or the Pro-Version.

Well, it is the very first time to give all my readers a voucher of 10% for both versions.

The voucher is valid until 02. July 2017, 11:59 pm . Follow the above links and enter the voucher code. Have fun being more productive!

Do you like to know more about DEVONagent then tell me by writing a comment below my article.

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I hope, I could give you an insight in a brand new way to search the Internet and find information your way to be even more productive within your own cloud.