New Partner: ZoomNotes

I am very happy and excited to announce that:


joined Steffi's Cloud as a new partner.

ZoomNotes, developed by Deliverance Software, England is the best note taking app for your own cloud. There are several posts published and some help articles available. I am very happy, that ZoomNotes will support my readers to fulfil there dream of their own cloud.

You  will see this software in other and future articles too just because of the fact, that ZoomNotes is the only software - I know of- which supports WebDav. Works perfectly in your own cloud and has a ton to offer which you will not see at the first or even second glance.

My partner will support my raffles and Specials and I am sure you are as excited as I and Welcome ZoomNotes to your blog of the own cloud.

In addition, there will be more articles about my partner's software in the future - that's for sure! I use ZoomNotes daily for all my handwritten notes, text notes and presentations. Personally, I am really satisfied with all these features available like handwritten notes, videos, text, images, smileys, stamps and much much more. It is so easy to work with this software!

You need it if you are....

Even thoughts, there will be a steep learning curve ahead in order to figure out all the features available it is ideal for:

  • All, who are serious about note taking and handwritten notes and want just the edge more than a common notebook

  • Students, pupils and scholars

  • Teachers, Lectures and Speakers

  • Use it for your presentations at work

  • Create videos and present them to your audience.

You do not have to worry at all - I will explain all the feature step-by-step in future articles and show you how easy it is to work with ZoomNotes. Hence, you will be able to work -now comes the German out :-) - fast, effectively, focused and efficiently and get all your work done in no time.  These all and much more with your own cloud and WebDav connection. Just stay tuned for more posts!

Do you have questions now and need advise?

You just started with your handwritten notes and need support? Just let me know by using my contact form!

Get your data home with your own cloud and
the help of Deliverance Software!

Thank you Ed for your support!

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