The idea to this blog came from readers of my article about My Setup of my own cloud published on Lars Bobach Blog on 11 Jan 2017.

I was asked several time if I would not have a blog to provide more knowledge and possibilities about the own cloud.

I thought about this long especially about the time to be invested and came to the conclusion to have my own blog about the own cloud, paperless office and productivity.

That’s my private blog and I like to share with you my experiences, setup, planning about the own cloud. But, I like to learn also new things from questions and answer you have. As my logo says: I like to be paperless as much as possible and the paperless office I live since years.

I will write articles about:

The own Cloud

  • Planning, development from the idea to the finished setup

  • hardware and basics

  • Apps and Software and there Updates for MAC, IOS and WIN10

  • Security of your own data, backup planning and much more.

Paperless with your own cloud but still productive

  • paperless - you keep all your data without having to look to T&Cs

  • productivity at home and on travel

  • Apps and software which help you to reach your goals for MAC, IOS and Windows

Probably, I will concentrate more on MAC and IOS but show also alternatives for Windows 10 - I use both operating systems. Windows 10, I use as a virtual machine on my Mac.

My blog is based on a customised WordPress which is not hosted by WordPress but by my provider until I have got enough knowledge to move it to my own cloud.  Therefore this blog is „semi-own-cloud“ for the first couple of months. It is my first blog and I need to learn so much more, before I can move it to my own cloud.

My aim is to get a self-hosted blog in my own cloud and therefore, I relinquish the Disqus-Login thought it looks pretty nice. ….

… but there is that BUT: If I do not like my data being saved some there without direct control how can I ask my readers for that? All data would need to connect to Disqus directly and that is not my aim. Your data entered here such as articles, comments etc are saved on my premises - on my own cloud - and do not go elsewhere.

For all of you who like to share my blog and articles to your social networks I have provided logins on each article. If you miss anything - just let me know and I will try to implement it.

I hope you understand, that my blog is currently hosted not on my own cloud as I have to gain much more experiences at first. However, your data is protected by the German data protection act and I will not use them for other things but my blog.

One note about the comments: Please comment in a proper manner without any aggressive behaviour. I think it should be naturally to do so if in the digital or real world.

Do you like to contribute to a topic or write your own article - feel free  to comment and contact me. I look forward to our tips, recommendations and ideas to all subjects of running your own cloud, paperless and still being productive.

I look forward to loads of comments, ideas, questions and tips.

Own your Own Cloud  - Keep your data in your hands!


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