DevonThink: How long should a title be?

Question from Niklas dated on 7 Feb 2017

I have got issues with DevonThinkToGo for displaying all of my title.

I like to use the following title:

2017 02 07 [Subject: ………] short text [short subject/tag ]

Answer from 07/08 and 11 Feb 2017

I use a similar format but with out the spaces for the date: YYYYMMDD 20170207. The intelligent lists from DevonThinktoGo and DevonThinkProOffice can help if to separate your title if you like just everything for the year 2017.

The developer are evaluating if a larger title would make sense and if it would be good praxis. The issue is that the title will not be included in the meta data such as comments, date, tags, references etc. That means that the title is only good for us humans.

An example for using the title is :
20170211 subject with 10 characters

or if you like to track payments like so:

20170101 Energy Jan 2017 paid on 20170131
20170211 Energy Feb 2017 paid on 20170220
20170301 Energy Mar 2017 paid on xxxxxxxxx

The amounts or short payment amounts you can enter in the comment fields and display them in the view of DevonThink. You will so be able to track amounts paid, short paid etc.

For invoices I would suggest a "Tickler-File-System" which is a folder containing the whole year with months and dates. You can place your files within this folder and know exactly what to do. Personally, I like everything on its original place :-)

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