ZoomNotes: How to import and export using WebDav?

Question from Matt dated on 23 Feb 2017

I was not aware, that I can import and export using WebDav in ZoomNotes - thank you very much! ?

Answer from 23 Feb 2017

If you like to use your data on travel, you would need a static IP. This IP you just enter into ZoomNotes:

Go to the main screen and use the PLUS sign for new, - WebDav - Settings. Here you will see all settings for the WebDaV connection. Just enter your IP, or your DNS name, with your credentials into ZoomNotes. I use a IP-DNS from my router but I do not know how your setup is.

You can also use DevonThinktoGo to import the document to ZoomNotes.

Then you can use import, export and auto back function with WebDav. Additionally, you can use DevonThinkToGo with the "open in" features to import into ZoomNotes. Once done, you can work on your document and just export it the same way into DevonThinkToGo.
The beauty of this is, that DTTG will just update the original file. Hence, you do not need to delete the old file.

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