ZoomNotes: Do not feel save - be save! Revision and password

The latest update of ZoomNotes a couple of days ago brought some new features to you. You will be really excited to hear what is new in ZoomNotes which can make your work to a piece of cake.

Now, you can take more control and secure your handwritten notes, data and documents with a special feature.

As you know, the developers of ZoomNotes will fulfill your dreams as you are a part - the important part - of ZoomNotes.

ZoomNotes: Your link to your dreams - just realized

Today, I will show you how you secure your data even more…..

Passwords made for you

Well, you will tell me: „Already implemented…“ and you can secure your app by using a password.

ZoomNotes would not be ZoomNotes if there would be unique feature to it: ZoomNotes gets developed further and further and your ideas get realised in ZoomNotes.

Imagine the following:


Every time you use ZoomNotes you will have to enter your passwords in order to gain access to your handwritten notes and files. Even if you like just to want to scribble something down, you will have to enter your password.

If you do that more often you productivity and efficiency may lack or you will get cross with yourselves as you always have to enter your password only to scribble an idea down.

That’s why the developers of ZoomNote have implemented a new feature :


Try it and easily go to your password settings in ZoomNotes and you will see some new options for password protected folders.

Hence, you are able to put all your pressures documents into folders and secure them from paying eyes by using a password.

As of today, you will be able to scribble your ideas in your scratch book but having you important other documents secured in password protected folders.

This is an advantage from former versions of ZoomNotes as you now can protect your files more safely.

Settings for your folder passwords

The easiest way to protect your folders from praying eyes is:

From the main page you go to your Setting by using the gear symbol - General - Password protected on - Change Password - Password protected folders - Password only for folders.

Ready to go!

As from now on, your folders are all password protected and for your quick notes you can use a scrap book or just a document.

I personally recommend, that you enable both password methods:

  • ZoomNotes in generell and
  • Passwords for your folders

Just to make sure you stay save.

Lost without trace but found!

From time to time, it happens also to me that you use an app every day and behind the scene something new was developed and introduced. Only by chance you will find the state-of-the-art feature and think if I had known before…

It happened to me as my Apple Pencil slipped out of my hands and somehow I pressed a button by chance. I could not really believe it but it was true….

Try it by yourselves!

Go to the main menu and choose a document - press on the document title and you will see:

  • Name of your document
  • Has cover on/off
  • Read only on/off
  • UUID to be used for referencing and x-callback-URL
  • Copy link to pasteboard
  • Copy link to another app
  • Tags
  • Page Tags
  • Geo location
  • Set geo location

And there was something else…

Revision feature for your documents

What? Eh? Revision? I thought…

That feature I never seen before!

In addition, you can have for all your documents a revision - meaning you can recover any page or sub page with one click! ZoomNotes Steffi's Cloud

This function gives you an additional layer of security as you will have additionally to your auto-backup function a revision tool by hand and this without any additional software!

Just included in your favourite note-taking app.

How to set it up?

It’s easy as usual:

At first you turn on „Revisions enabled“ and then you will need to decide if you:

  • want to do them manually or
  • ZoomNotes will display a dialog windows to ask you if you want to create a revision of your document. Just click on yes if you like to have it secured.

Below of the settings you will find:

  • Create a revision (which you can do at any time) and
  • Manage revisions.

Now it gets really interesting!

If you click on „Manage revision“, you will see a little windows and below stands „Clear all“. Surely, you do not want to clear all of your revision - just now, as we discovered them.

In order to get your „old“ document back you got several options which are unique to ZoomNotes:

  • RollbackBe careful with the rollback as it will delete all you other revisions to and brings you back to chosen revision only.
  • Use a current versionWill bring back your chosen revision but keeps all other revisions. Meaning all your revisions after the chosen ones will stay and you can go back and forth as you like.
  • Use as separate documentThat is pretty cool as from your chosen revision will create a brand new document which you can use separately or link it to your current one or just import pages from your revision document into your current document.

In the same way, you can go back to your information - does not matter if you deleted pages or changed words or crossed out text - with the revision feature of ZoomNotes you are comfortable that your documents can be recovered as soon as you pressed „YES, I want a revision“.

As easy as you press „Yes“ as easy you can recover your documents and pages for later usage and more importantly, you do not have to worry about your information or asking the question „What would be if….“

Here a small example:

You sit for hours in front of your computer - using ZoomNotes - and finally you are happy that your document is ready. After that you will create a revision.

After a couple of days ….You have to revise you entire document and have to delete pages and forms as well as references which you do no need now.

After a month or so… You need exactly the information you had had in your very first document. Usually they are gone forever.

With the revision feature of ZoomNotes you can recover these important information now with just one click.

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How happy you are now? Knowing, you do not have to do all that from scratch again?

In ZoomNotes, you have a state-of-the-art revision feature for all your documents available. You do not have to worry or be scared of the day you would need your information back. As from now onwards, just create your revisions and get them back as easy as pie!

Stay save with ZoomNotes and just use the great features such as:

  • Password protection of folders and
  • Revision.