News Update: DevonThinkToGo 6 new features which you should know

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Yesterday a new update has been released for DevonThinkToGo and it brings new functionality to you.

  • Now it is possible to use the grid view on your iPhone too. Before, it was only possible to use grid view on iPad.
    You can access this view by tapping on the count bubble (which is displayed on each folder and database in blue).
    Further with this release, you can use drag-and-drop to copy (Two fingers) and move (One finger) documents and files while in this view.

  • Counter
    The counting of files has been enhanced (little blue circle with a number within).

  • Globale Inbox
    This can be deleted and emptied if you like. Using the edit function you can delete the Global inbox altoghether.Personally, I use it as a GTD-Inbox which gets synchronised across my devices using Sync-Stores.

devonthink update


  • x-callback-URL
    A new command has been added called „retParam“ which will return individual items and results when using x-callbacks.Additionally, you can now retrieve the URL of a file and using tags when creating a new document using x-callback-scheme.

  • Markdown
    Markdown documents will not show HTML any more.

  • Decluttering and URL-Support have been improved to give you a much nicer decluttered import.