Advertisment at Steffi's Cloud for one year

For one entire year you can place an ad at Steffi's Cloud - on prominent places within the Blog, Forum or globally.

Advertisment at Steffi's Cloud for one year

Steffi's Cloud has a great readership for subjects like own private cloud, DevonThink, DevonAgent, Synology, Mac and QNAP. Loads of them working with a Mac and seek help and advise in the forum.

You can place your ad on prominent places such as close to the logo, within posts and forum posts for an entired year and that during Monday through Sunday. There is a rotation in place in the case another customer your place - the ad space will be assigned randomly.

Since 2017, is Steffi's Cloud online and since the end of 2023 there is a forum on the website too which is growing.

Facts about Steffi's Cloud are:

- 120.000 unique users within a month

- 2 articles each week

- Google Ranking for keywords like DevonThink and DevonAgent are between rang 14 and 21.

- growing readership.

You got several possibilities to place your ads - for more information about this read here.

As an add on you can choose to display your ads in either language - German and English which you can add to your order.

After you placed your order, please send your material to After verifying your material the order is placed. In the case the material is not according to good manners, I will decide not to publish it- in this case you will get a full refund.


  • Advertisment at Steffi's Cloud for one year
    EUR 750.00


  • Language
  • Placement 1
  • Placement 2
  • Bilingual ads
    EUR 150.00
  • additional placement
    EUR 200.00
  • Global placement
    EUR 900.00

According to §19 UStG (VAT-regulation) without VAT as small business

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