1:1 Coaching/support/consulting

Do you know ...?

  • You research over and over again and do not find a solution?
  • You like to know your software and hardware much better and more efficient?
  • Support for Synology, QNAP, paperless office

1:1 Coaching for you with tipps and tricks and of course
1:1 Coaching/support/consulting

Dou you know this?

  • Somehow you cannot get the right answers to your questions?
  • You like to know your soft- and hardware better and work more efficient with it?
  • You are planning to automate your workflow?
  • You are not sure if your current configuration is the right for you?
  • Du like to automate processes to have more time for the important things in life?
  • You need support and coaching for your plans to get realised?

I support your on your projects and wishes with a 1:1 coaching in which you will get your individual solution for your questions. Further to this, you will gain a better understanding of your soft- and hardware.

Together we will start your journey to get your solution on your projects

Let's start with a 1:1 session and win more time for the important things in life.

Price is per hour.

Your coaching will be scheduled by online calendar - link on invoice.


  • 1:1 Coaching/support/consulting
    EUR 104.99


  • Saturday surcharge
    EUR 35.00
  • Sunday surcharge
    EUR 70.00

According to §19 UStG (VAT-regulation) without VAT as small business

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