Cancellation Policy

Withdraw of services Withdraw for consumers (Consumer is a person which concludes a contract which is seen only personally. There are not any purposes which could be treated as business Withdraw of services Right of withdraw You have the right to withdraw your agreement within 14 days after the contract is closed without given any reason To execute your right you have to inform us (Stefanie Niemann, Györer Str. 5/87, 99089 Erfurt, telefon number +491629567707, email: using postal means or email). You can use the sample below: Your withdraw is acceptable when you inform us within the given time. Consequences of your withdrawl If you withdraw this contract we have to reimburse you for any received money. For this back charge your means of payment will be used which you used when you finalised the contract. If you have consensed to wave your right of withdraw, you will deducted a fee from your payment which could lead to the full amount given. Your right of withdraw will cease when we conducted the full service or when we begun the service already. Further you right we will waved when we already provided the service. Sample of a waver (If you withdraw your consense please fill out the sample form and send it to us.) To Stefanie Niemann, Györer Str. 5/87, 99089 Erfurt, email: Here by I execute my right of withdraw oft he conctract inacted. before the service begun Orded on Name of consumer Postal address of consumer Signature of consumer Date of withdraw