Halloween is there and my raffle too - HAS ENDED NOW

Raffle has ended now and my winners are:

Alf und Igor !

Both can look forward to a full licence of MailSuite and

a voucher of 10% of their next purchases of alle products, upgrades provided by DEVONtechnologies.com

Congratulations to my winners!

To my partners - Thank you very much indeed!


DEVONthink 3

Your document management system in your Own Private Cloud




Plugins for Apple Mail - Be more productive with MailSuite



How does this raffle work?

There are six question and you just need to find the correct answer to each question. After entering your email address and might you name, press at the end of this raffle of "Submit my answers".

When does the raffle ends?

This raffle will be open until 16 November 2019 at 8 p.m. (CET+1). Until then you can enter to this raffle.

On 17 November 2019 I will check all submissions to their correct answers and under all correct submissions the winner will be drawn by lot. All winners will be informed by 17 November 2019 and their licences or coupons will be submitted to their given email address.

Terms and conditions and regulations

For sure, I do not need you name but it would be nice when I could approach you personally. The purpose of your email address in this raffle is solely used to inform you of a possible win. After the end of this raffle all submitted email addresses will be deleted for good. All winners will be announced at Steffi's Cloud using their forename only on17 November 2019 or later

You do not need to buy anything to enter this raffle

Your submission and the result of the Halloween raffle is not bound to any purchases made at Steffi's Cloud, this includes products or services outlined in the shop. There is no advanced right of any win in this raffle.

Legal recourses are excluded of a win. Any won price cannot be exchanged or transferred to another person. For this raffle the data protection policy of this website , as well as above mentioned terms and conditions apply. Please feel free to get the data protection policy translated; the German version prevails.

That's it for the legal stuff but what are the prices to be won??

* 4 coupons in the amount of 10% of any purchase my at DevonTechnologies (partner of Steffi's Cloud). This coupon in the excess of 10% of the entire cart value will be applied for purchasing any product or upgrades of DevonTechnologies.com products. You can therefore use it to upgrade from DevonThinkProOffice to the latest version of DEVONthink 3.

* 2 full licences of MailSuite developed and sold by SmallCubed.com (partner of Steffi's Cloud) to improve productivity of your Apple Mail. (The current value of Mailsuit is valued at EUR 61,00 excluding VAT for your country.)

I really like to thank all my partners who provided such fantastic prices for my Halloween raffle.

I cross my fingers and hope you will be one of the winners!