Blog Parade: So different we are but so alike are we

What is a blog parade good for?

It is a very nice idea to network amongst bloggers and you can get some new ideas or websites too.

Steffi from The Live Is A Present, ha the idea of a blog parade under the subject „So different we are but also so alike are we“. Her blog is in German only and if you read German then just visit her blog.

The subject implies that all bloggers should network amongst other bloggers. Unfortunately, here in Germany it is not very common to network amongst bloggers or link them in the own articles. Having said that, in most other countries like the UK or US it is common practice to network and link to each other to give you - the reader - more possibilities and additional value.

As you know, I have links to other blogs available in most of my current articles but you would be surprised which responses I get sometimes. :-)

Well, this is now a „new“ generation of bloggers who will connect to each other and learn and teach or learn from experiences other bloggers.

Personally, I feel that it is important to connect and because Germany is behind in this development I support Steffi’s idea.

How does it work?

Steffi will provide to the blogger community five questions each month. This can range from personal questions to whatever.

Therefore, it is so exciting to take part in this.

What it your value as a reader?

First of all you will learn more about myself as a person behind the scenes and on the other hand you will get to know website which you were not aware off.

Here are the questions for Juni 2017:

  1. Who are you, how old are you and where do you come from?

    As mentioned in my blog name, I am Stefanie and everybody calls me Steffi. I am 43 years and live in Hofheim am Taunus, Hesse. Long ago, I moved from Thuringia to North-Rhine-Westfalia and from there I moved to Australia and England and then back to Germany in 2011.

  2. When have you started your blog?

    My blog started in Februar 2017 and it is pretty new. Due to an articles posted on Lars blog I received loads of request to do my own blog about the own cloud, paperless office and productivity.

    After a couple of weeks, I have decided to setup my blog. Since then I have learnt a lot and still learning. There is a steep leaning curve still ahead.

  3. Is your blog your hobby or do you do it for living? If it is your hobby right now do you plan to freelance at some point?

    I invest my sparetime into my blog which is my hobby and I really do like it very much.

    Personally, I like to help people to set up their own cloud and have full control over their data. This starts with articles, tutorials and my Steffi-Helping Hand - site. Sometimes, I use Skype or Teamviewer to help my readers with issues encountered.

    Currently, I do not think to freelance with my blog at all. All commission earned will be given back to my readers in my specials and raffles.

    Having said that, there are more and more request in the last months to help to install the own cloud and what the costs would be to hire me. Well that is pretty impressive think my blog is just five months old.

    Lately, I helped on of my readers using Skype and Teamview. I did not want to take any monetary items at all. But the person insisted on paying me for my time spent. So, I did a deal: I help you and in return you will help me in something, I am really bad in. What it was is a secrete which gets revealed soon - here on my blog. :-)

    Well, if something will turn out in future or not I cannot really say but the most important thing is:

    To help my readers to fulfil their dream of their own cloud, paperless office and being productive. I like to help them and stand by with tips and hints to get their dream realised.

  4. Do you have children or like having some in the future?

    Due to my professional career and moving around the World there was no much time for relationships at all. But I have got a big family and loads of nephews and nieces.

  5. Which 3 characterises will describe you best?

    Humour including a very black English Humour, I am very patiently in regards to learning and pretty direct as Germans are :-) These are the most three important characterises - three of thousands and is therefore hard to describe.

    Honesty is very important to me and that in business as well as in my private life. Sometimes, I have to be aware what I say and to whom as I do not want to hurt anybody at all. Sometimes, you have to go the English (indirect) way :-)

    Decades ago, I just said that I had to say without concentrating too much on the receiver. This was so in business as in my private life. In business I had to go several time to HR to hear that I possible hurt feelings of people. So, I had to change the ways of communicating in business and with time I have learnt not to hurt any feelings.

    Therefore, I think: Be honest and use the English ways if possible in order to treat people nicely and do not hurt their feelings.

I really look forward to the next questions next month - stay tuned!