Workflow: 7 IOS Apps for the perfect implementation of the paperless office

Recently, I have read a post / tip and wondered that there are so many IOS user who do not know that there are some hidden features in their devices.

I was really astonished about this and could not hardly believe it. However, I thought it would be a good idea to show you every now and then some of the hidden features under MAC and IOS. This will give you the possibility to enhance your workflow with your own cloud.

Did you know that you can create PDF files easily with IOS? No?
Since IOS 9 there is a hidden feature which supports PDF-creation for all Apps which supports printing and it goes like that:

  • Tap on Print or go to the Share menu and then tap on printer

  • While in the preview just use a zoom gesture in order to get into the PDF mode

  • Ready to go! Tap on „Share“ and your PDF is ready.

Try it out! It will work for IPad and IPhone running IOS or later!

Every website claims that they have the perfect app for you and you need to get it.

Personally, I say just - I am very happy with the apps introduced in this post and I use them on a daily base. Therefore, I can recommend these to you in good faith. I have tested each of them thoroughly and can say they work perfectly in your own cloud.

Which seven apps can really support and enhance your workflow while working smart?

DevonThinkToGo with Scanner Pro (Readdle)

Sure, my document management system is DevonThinkToGo under IOS!

Sort, manage and -very important - to find my documents is a piece of cake. DTTG has advantages which I have not seen in other Apps and can manage all your files. Does not matter if images, PDF, SVG, videos or even installation files such as dmg! Everything can go into DTTG without worrying not to find the file again or to get corrupted.

Just digitalise and find it on your finger tips. Create a file structure like in Finder to structure your files to your likings or using a reminder folder system such as Tickler file to get an overview what needs to be done and what is done.

Do not forget the synchronisation using WebDav.

Why I use Scanner Pro (Readdle) too?

Well, DTTG has an integration of a camera which is super to take photos but has not -yet- the ability to scan documents based on their edges. I think it will come at some point and get implemented in the future.

That is the reason to use ScannerPro - this app uses OCR too and can recognise the edges of a piece of paper very well. Hence, you will get only the document itself without surroundings. It will then be saved as image or PDF.

Sharing to DTTG is easy enough. If I have many documents to scan, then I use WebDav with my own cloud as it will not interrupt my workflow while scanning.

All files can be easily shared in on go to DTTG or DevonThinkProOffice.


The best note taking software to me with loads of functionalities and Import/Export in all directions.

Notes, handwritten drawings, sketches or writings, images, audio, video and the connection to WebDav are brilliantly.


There will be a new update available this week with advanced backup options. From now on, you will be able to sync and backup your notes to subfolders too.

I was asked by the developers if I am interested in testing ZoomNotes before it hits the App Store. Surely, I agreed! Hence, I will be able to help you even more and provide tips and hints to you.

2Do and BusyCal

Why 2Do when I use BusyCal?

Well, BusyCal supports Todo-lists as well but I use 2Do for projects only. It give me the possibilities to structure projects and see them in a tree structure. Additionally, it works perfectly with BusyCal together.

I use 2Do as a task manager for projects and BusyCal as my calendar.


AirMail brings some advantages to my workflow such as:

  • Snooze function

  • Schedule emails using BusyCal, 2Do and DTTG

  • Filtering of mails so I can concentrate fully on on project / task

  • Tags and search function

  • Ability to use GTD


All of these apps have one distinctive advantage - they all work using x-callback functionality. Therefore, I can save loads of space on my IOS system as I have just to use the x-callback-URL instead of uploading the whole document(s) into them. This will also reduce duplicate data on IOS.

All documents or images or call it files, are available on a finger tip and I save on the hard disc loads of pressures space. I really do like x-callback-URL as it can not only retrieve files but also adds some more functionalities for managing the App.

This will improve my workflow and efficiency a lot.

This works also on MAC if it is synchronised with IOS!


After the developers of the password manager which the „1“ in front of it’s name have decided to go to subscription only, I use Enpass.

Enpass has even more advanced functionalities as others:

  • Create your own fields

  • Ability to work with WebDav

  • Attach files

  • Provides only passwords there the login site is exactly the same.

Altogether, I am really sad that „1…..“ has a subscription now because Enpass provides much more functionalities and that „offline“!

DS (Synology-Apps)

Do not forget the native apps from your NAS provided by Synology and QNAP and that for free!

For Synology there are:

DS Photo

Download and Upload of images is great but the auto-backup function is even better for both images and videos! I really do like this as I often forget to do a backup of my photos and this app helps here.

In the case, I mis-placed my phone somewhere, I have still have access to my images, photos and videos.


Yes, it will be archived (backup) as well together with the photos. After that they got sorted automatically and put to nice sub folders.

DS File

My „Finder“ under IOS for my own cloud. Upload, download, structure folders, create them - everything possible.

DS Finder

The admin panel to my own cloud, which is pretty useful while on travel.

DS Video and Audio

My Stream service for video and music.

DS Get

Want to download big files from the Internet but do not want to save them in IOS? Here comes with App handy!

DS Get will save from a given URL the content directly to your own cloud without using the IOS space.

DS Chat

Currently, I am testing it with some friends and it is pretty similar to Whats-App or Threma. Therefore, the switch to DS Chat is not that hard.

Create the user for your chat within your own cloud. Giving them HTTP and Chat access. All data and conversations will be saved on your own cloud - it is a direct connection for the app to your own cloud.

Images, Photos, voice everything can be added and received. There is even a possibility to create „private rooms“.

Another usage of it would be for teams - there is this highly recommend software from „Slac…“ where teams are able to communicated with each other and using private rooms (projects) as well.

Why not use this and much more in your own private cloud?

DS Mail

More data protection needed? Just create your own email server with your own cloud!

It works like a common email but in your own cloud!

„Special Apps“ under IOS

Copied (IOS)

Do you know Unclutter for MAC? It helps you to copy and paste an use it later. Under IOS, Copied is my favourite.

Copy text or what you like and sort in lists for later usage.

It is fun to work with it and mirrors the copy-past-method on MAC to IOS. Nothings gets lost and if needed retrieve your copied material.

I use a lot to do recurring tasks automatically. Just recently I have turned off the functions for DTTG as the new update replaced my automatically function now.

If you are into automation of boring processes which are recurring or even are just boring, then do it automatically with It feels similar to the Automator under MAC OS.

Do you like to know more of one or the other Apps then just write a comment below!

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