Save your money: Cost, Expenses and Investment

eigene Cloud

These things I would have loved once I did my setup

of my own cloud….

First of all, an information source in one place and a list with programs and apps which are really work with the own cloud.

But at this time, there was nothing like that and I had to get details of How-to-Do piece by piece - very cumbersome

You might could think that …. now she got her blog but nothing happens…

…well that is not exactly correct - I assure you ! Save your money - I try to help you here as well.

What did I do all the time? I had the idea to have something special for my readers which nobody else would do it, I think.

Personally, I like to enthuse people about their own cloud and like to give you all the possibility to realise this idea.

eigene Cloud

I am happy to announce, that since today, I am in the partner program of DevonThink and could get some new partners this week to help you save money and get to your own cloud faster.

Now, you think - well selling - not quite right…!

My idea was to promote the own cloud and give all my readers the possibility to fulfil this. It is correct, that a partner program has something to do with sales and that the affiliate gets commission for each sale made by his/her links.

But, I like to take this commission and give to my readers - so that they can really realise their dream of the own cloud. Hence, I will give up 50% of my commission directly to you if you buy via the links provided.

Further to this, I will take the other 50% less my cost of the blog (which is not much) for my raffles and Specials. Stay tuned!

Where can I find the partner program?

On my blog on the footer there is link to my partners and their websites. In my articles I will refer to them and you have the possibility to get more information about their products.

I have chosen my partner for your own cloud under some criteria:

  • Use the programs and apps myself - I will give you tips and tricks

  • I am absolutely satisfied with the product

  • product works immaculate at home and on travel

  • partner gibes me the possibility to give my commission to my readers directly

  • the partner provides products/licenses to help my readers to realise their own cloud for raffles or discount in my newsletter

  • all products can run nicely within the own cloud

How can I claim the discounts:

It’s easy - all links and discounts will be included in my newsletter.

The idea is, not just to provide you articles which you can get via RSS anyway. No, I like that my newsletter is a „real“ newsletter with valuable tips, which are not on my blog and a helping hand to fulfil your dreams of an own cloud.

What does Stefanie get out of this?
To have …

The very good feeling that: more people get their own data to home and gaining their own control again

The very good feeling that: more people does not get into stress in an event of changes to Terms and Conditions and they have to look for alternatives

The very good feeling that:  I can help people to come closer to their wish of running their own cloud and I am happy to be a source of information and knowledge
The newsletter will start this week.

Once a week, you will get my newsletter - the sign up form you can find above in the menu.

I hope, that you like the sound of my idea and that you can get started to plan your own cloud.


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