DevonThink: How to save your folder structure?

Question from Niklas dated on 08 Feb 2017

I have my folder structure on a Synology NAS (DS115) and cannot search using the board functions like Spotlight. I trust for this I would need another app like Devonsphere Express in order to search the content of my NAS with my MAC.

I engage with DevonThink for a long time, however I think - as you have said - using a SyncStore will be a much better solution.

Answer from 08 Feb 2017

i use the structure directly in DevonThink and use the SyncStores which are working very well with WebDav together. Hence, I get the full sync of my folder structure as well as all data. The beauty of this is, that Spotlight will work then as well.

Devonsphere, I use for my researches and other searches. There is also a connection to DevonThink and you can just import your search into DevonThink. I use GTD and have a database called "Action required" and all stuff goes into this first.

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