ZoomNotes: Where is the sync feature?

Question from Matt dated on 23 Feb 2017

Hi Stefanie!
Super blog! - I got referred to your site by your article "My Setup" - at Lars Bobach blog. I already changed from Evernote to DevonThink Pro :-) The only thing what I cannot get to work is the Workflow from ZoomNotes with WebDav. Can you please let me know how you do this?
Thank you

Answer from 23 Feb 2017

Hello Matt,

you can use the auto backup function in order to sync your handwritten notes using WebDav. Thought it says "backup" is is actually a synchronisation. Every-time, something will change it will auto-sync to your own cloud. Further to this, you can use your Iphone to sync this location as well and your will have a synchronisation.