ZoomNotes: Update 7.6.18

Have you seen the latest update of ZoomNotes yet? If not, you really should!

What's new?

At first I like to thank the developers for constantly implementing new features and bring regularly updates to us users. Moreover, your ideas count and get implemented into ZoomNotes!

Extended Revision management

Below you will find my article about the revision management and password protected folders within ZoomNotes.

Now, this feature got even better as you can just type in your own revision text in order to be more productive.

To do so, just follow:

Click of name of the document --> Manage Revision --> Click on "I" symbol and underneath you will find a text box for your comments, titles or revision notes.

With this new extension you can just name your revisions as you like. Before restoring any of them you can see at a glance what is behind the revision and be able to restore your data.


ZoomNotes Password Revision

Password protected folders

This function was introduced with the last update and today it will give you even more security. As of today, you are able to protect your folders with a password. You do not need to enter this password over and over then opening ZoomNotes.

But there was a small hole discovered, which allowed praying eyes to get your folders.

But this is gone now if somebody like to disable your password protected folders they need the password in order to switch off the password protection in General Settings.

After activation of your password "folders only" feature - every time you will click on the gear symbol --> General ZoomNotes will now ask for the password before switching to the settings.

Now, you can just leave your devices (iPad for instance) opened without worrying that someone could open your documents within a password protected folder.

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Do you have ideas which feature you want within ZoomNotes? Then do not hesitate to leave a comment or contact me by email directly.