ZoomNotes: Your link to your dreams - just realised

Many of my readers approached me to tell me their dreams and ideas to be more efficient and productive with ZoomNotes which I send directly to the developer of ZoomNotes. He really tries hard to fulfill your dreams and ideas and implement them into ZoomNotes. Further of this loads of testing needed to be done, so that you as my reader can be satisfied with newly implemented features, so that your dreams come true.

Today, one respectively two features had been implemented into ZoomNotes to improve your efficiency and productivity.

Imagine the following scenario:

You write or scribble down your notes in ZoomNotes and like to send them over to your friend - preferably in PDF. Up to now, it was possible to send your document over but from today onwards you can also send your friends the most pressured links you like to share.

Links or no links - that is the question - or not?

Some months ago the developers of ZoomNotes introduced x-callback-URL-Scheme which enables you to link your notes and ideas to other apps and programs, such as DevonThinkProOffice, DevonThinkToGo or even to 2Do which holds your time schedule.

Since then, your notes and writings are just a click away from any app or program understanding x-callback-URL-scheme.

How this works and that you can do with it, you will read here:


Here, you can also read about bookmarks to navigate within your document, pages and sub pages.

Links, Bookmarks combined!

A burning desire of yours was a feature to have these links also being exported into a PDF document, so that you can share them with anybody you like.

But that is not there it ends: Three functions were combined in the latest releases of ZoomNotes. Now, you can combine x-callback-URL, links with bookmarks, so that you are able to:

  • Just include bookmarks in any page or document within ZoomNotes and create an index for your document
  • External URLs easy made by ZoomNotes to get fast to the resources and references you need
  • Use x-Callback-URL-Scheme to include your notes and documents in appointments, documents and other information you really need when it is time for your meeting. This feature works in both ways: Include a x-callback-URL from another app in ZoomNotes or use ZoomNotes’ own URL-Scheme to reference back from your calendar, data base or other documents.
  • Link your pages and documents within ZoomNotes and get your references easily
  • Search for all your links, references and bookmarks using ZoomNotes search facility
  • Stop! Documents?
    Yes, of course! It is possible to link your documents with their own UUID and get them exported - including the links!
  • Use links in all your forms, stamps and export them from ZoomNotes into PDF with all your links - they work even in your newly created PDF document easily
  • Newly implemented UUID for documents which is on all your devices valid. Just use the UUID of your document and link back and forth!
    Please note, the document should be replicated or being doubled in ZooNotes!
  • The calendar function in ZoomNotes is great but you can now devise your own handwritten calendar und link ZoomNotes with other documents, references or appointments you may have.
  • if you like: Use bullet journaling to improve your productivity

ZoomNotes potential

The possibilities are endless and it is up to you and your imagination and workflow how to use all links available. ZoomNotes adapts to your workflow and not the other way around!

Last but not least - but really cool:

ZoomNotes gives you the possibility to create your own table of content (TOC) which can be exported into PDF…. AND…. all links will be work in this PDF as would you be within ZoomNotes.

And… you are the creator of your own TOC - no standard or forced style - Create your own personalised table of content today!

It is your document, your style, your external and internal links and your table of content to your own taste and style!

How to use all these new links and features, I will show you now:

External Links

External links means, that there is a link to external resources like web sites, documents within your own cloud or using the x-callback-URL-scheme for your document management system.

In short, all resources which are not directly related to ZoomNotes but which you might need to reference or show your audiences withe one click additional information they would need.

It is easy to create external links in ZoomNotes:


Well, actually it is not a configuration - so do not be afraid by this word! Actually, it is only to tell ZoomNotes to use text as underlined and adjust your colour of your choice. That’s it!

Press the text symbol (A) and activate underline and choose a colour you would like for your link.

Copy the external URL and paste it into ZoomNotes. ZoomNotes will create a link for you automatically.

Ready to go - your external link is active! :-)

I like to mention, that a link is nothing else as an object which you can format to your likings such as:

  • Instead of showing von http://www.google.co.uk - just change the name to Google or anything you like using the text feature
  • Format your link how you prefer: Font colour, font size or colour just give free rein to your imagination!
  • Move your link on this position you like to
  • Scale down or up your link to your needs.

How to use the newly created link?

Easy - as always:

Just use your pen and tap on the link - your browser will open and displays your webpage. In the case you use x-callback-URL, the link will lead you to your next appointment or document. By tapping on the middle of the top corner of the browser there is a link to return to ZoomNotes without having to switch the apps manually.

Are you using a combination of ZoomNotes with 2Do, BusyCal or DevonThinkProOffice or DevonThinkToGo your document will be opened automatically.

This works also for exported zdn files from your IOS device to your MAC and vice-versa.

Internal link

Similar to the external link, there are internal one which can help to link your pages -using x-callback-URL or bookmarks - in order to find information faster. This works also for sub pages!

For what is that good for?

Just let assume, that you have two pages: page 1 and page 2 and you like to jump from page 2 to page 1.

Well, that’s easy with a swipe gesture but if you imagine you have a document with thousands of pages and sub pages, then you will be much more efficient using links rather than ploughing through your document. For instance, you like to jump from page 355 to page 432 and return to your page 355 to work further on your notes. Would not that be productive?

Additional, imagine you presenting sorting to your audience and can easily jump from one page to another back and forth. It does not matter if it would be page, sub page or document - Just use the link and be productive.

Links on forms

Surely, you can use internal and external links on any form within ZoomNotes and export them into a PDF for sharing.

Here is a little How-to-Do:

  • Choose your form from the menu bar
  • Place your form there you want
  • Press the gear symbol to access the settings
  • Scroll down until you see the heading „Links“
  • Press „Web“ for external links or use a bookmark
  • Go to Web and enter your external URL (x-callback-URL is also external, so that you can use „Web“ also for this)
  • Click the gear symbol again.

Ready to go: Use your pen and press once on your form and the link will be executed.

This works on all forms in ZoomNotes!

Links - No boundaries for your productivity anymore!

All links are also objects, so that you can do everything with them as you would use any other object:

  • Group with pictures in ZoomNotes
  • Use the layering feature in ZoomNotes to display or hide the links
  • Move them backwards or in front - just as you like
  • Use you „stamps“ or any other image and link them
  • Link to all your information, documents or appointments
  • Have all notes, information easily at your fingertips when having a meeting
  • Use the unique ID (UUID) of pages, documents and sub pages to link between them
  • Rename your links to your needs.

Need a link more than once? No problem!

Just use the links as „stamps“ or smileys and use them over and over in your documents without having to create them from scratch.

Hence, you will save time and be more productive using links!

Bookmarks or rather links?

As mentioned before, ZoomNotes will be constantly developed by your ideas and dreams! The best thing is: All new implementation are free of charge for you!

This happened to the bookmarks, which you could use until yesterday for the following:

  • Lucidity of your document within ZoomNotes
  • Animation of digital ink, text, forms, graphics like having a frame, fade transition and the „automated“ pen which writes in your handwriting automatically.
  • Changing the view from text to thumbnails
  • Changing the position of bookmarks.

But you as my reader had a dream which is now available:

Bookmarks as table of content

As of now, it is possible to use your bookmarks and create a table of content just as easy as all other features in ZoomNotes. You can also use this feature to reference to an index page and switch forth and back.

Using x-callback-URL, table of content together brings you a new professional working space for your notes and handwritten notes. You will not only save time, but be more productive as you just need one click to going through your whole document.

Well, nice … within ZoomNotes…

But your dream was ….

Yes, I know and that’s why your table of content is not only usable within ZoomNotes but also in your exported PDF document - outside of ZoomNotes!

Starting from present, your notes, researches, dissertations or what every you like to write with ZoomNotes makes sharing easy - with an index or table of content, which will keep all links and reference even than exported into PDF!

Your guide to your perfect sharable document

Within ZoomNotes you will create your bookmarks as usual and rename them as you like for your index / table of content. Once your document is ready to get published and exported you will go the settings of the bookmarks and press „Edit“.

Now, you will mark all bookmarks in question for your index page and press „as links“. The link you will see close to the bin sign.

ZoomNotes will ask you if you like to generate the „Index“ - just press create.

Now, your bookmarks are fully functional links and will be displayed on the left corner of your current page/document. Just move them to place you like.

This newly created index is also an object and can be adjusted to your likings in font style, font colour and much more.

I recommend to add a new page before creating your index and move it to the very first page. You can do this, by using:

PageManager - Plus sign - Edit to move to right place.

After this, you create your index or table of content as described.



Sync / Auto-backup

If you use the auto-backup functionality in ZoomNotes, you will be happy to know that all your links will also be usable using the MAC version of ZoomNotes and vice-versa. Just import the zdn file to your MAC and use all your index and links as under IOS. Everything works on both systems.

Please note:

If you use cross linkages with other apps / programs like DTPO, DTTG, 2Do please make sure to have the appropriate documents on both systems (MAC and IOS) to avoid any issues.

Here is an example for cross links:

Your document in ZoomNotes contains links to 2Do and DTTG. This document gets exported as PDF file and contains all links to your apps and documents. This files gets synchronised using DTTG to DTPO. You would need all linked documents also on your MAC (except for Web links) in order for the links to work correctly.

My tip:

Just use the auto-backup function within ZoomNotes (IOS) and use it also on your MAC. So you can make sure, to have the same content on both systems.

Please note, that the documents should be unique to your ZoomNote App as otherwise the unique ID of the document might be changed. Hence, just check before importing if the document already exist or not.

Have you already updated the latest release on your IOS and MAC device?

Smashing! Then just try the „Bullet Journal“ out, which is a calendar with ToDo-Fuctionality - everything is handwritten of course!

[sdm_download id="8062" fancy="0" color="green"]



There are no boundaries anymore for your creativity or productive:

  • External Links
  • Internal Links
  • x-callback-URL
  • Bookmarks and
  • Index

Use one or all of them in your own document using handwritten notes, text and like them together and export them into a fully featured PDF file which contains all links ready to go…

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me, leave a comment below or using the contact form.

Do you have also a dream or idea what you would need in ZoomNotes when I am happy to here form you by email.

Happy Linking!

PS: Do you like to use all functions of ZoomNotes for your productive, paperless live and do not know how?

No problem at all!

Just have a peak here on my other homepage for Steffi’s Business Cloud there I provide coaching for ZoomNotes and DevonThink, so that you can learn of my vast experiences of the own cloud, networking, ZoomNotes, DevonThink and much more.

Yeah…. I know it is in German only … Well - just send me an email instead using my email info_en@steffiscloud.de or office@steffiscloud.com cos I speak English too :-) and together I will show you what ZoomNotes can do for your productivity without having the need of trail and error!