ZoomNotes: Each presentation is a piece of cake for you

Videos in a note taking software? Have you ever heard about his?

I did! With ZoomNotes it is possible to create all your videos for a presentation and present the entire work to your audience with ease. All you need is a stream or cable for streaming over the network and of course ZoomNotes.

That’s it.

You do not need special software for your presentations in order to create and present them. Everything is there there you do your notes, preparations of your presentation - in ZoomNotes.


Bookmarks are used to find and navigate within your document easily and finde certain paragraphs quickly. But there is another function for bookmarks too!

Only in ZoomNotes there are used for your video sequences and can be adapted to your needs.

Imagine, your video is split into sequences and each of them relates to a bookmark which can adapt separately to your needs. You can also mix and fix the order of your sequences really easily: Just rearrange your bookmarks - Done and Dusted!

Function of bookmarks

As you already experienced is ZoomNote a special note taking software; hence the usage of bookmarks is special too.

Surely, you can add a bookmark by using the plus sign and that’s it if you like to bookmark your pages, subpages or paragraphs. How boring is that?

But there is much more to ZoomNotes bookmarks: Change them around, adjust settings - like transition times, auto-play, frame aspect ratios etcetera - for each of them like how long they should appearing on the screen and much more. Let ZoomNote help you to work in your workflow :


The settings you will find with the gear symbol once you have clicked on the bookmark symbols.

Here you will see all the standard settings for your bookmarks which you can change for each of them.

  1. Time per bookmark und Transition time
    Speed of your presentation or video is important and sometimes crucial and you can adjust here how long it will take to display or go to the next bookmark on your screen.

  2. Auto-Play
    Depending what you like to do for instance creating a video or an automated presentation you can adjust if your slides will be played automatically or not. For your video it should be on of course.

  3. Draw frames
    Do you want to display frames or not depending on your needs but I think that without your presentation or video will be smoother - at least in the eyes of your audience.

  4. Frame aspect
    Depending if you want to project on a screen the image ration needs to be perfect. Try to test the aspect with several settings until you got the perfect result

  5. Direct
    Direct or animated? Do you want to show while presenting your audience the most important features or need to scribble something down to explain things more in details then you should use direct. Otherwise you can also animate a little pen which will write everything down for you.

  6. Ink
    Animated inc - like in point 5 already mentioned - can be used if you like to sit down and let your presentation work for you.

Do you want - say explains to each slide something - you can use time-based methods when your next slide should appear.

These settings you will find in each of your bookmarks here:

Settings for each bookmark

  1. Name
    Sure, you should give it a name or sequence number. Usually, I create upfront a plan how the video should look like and in this plan there are names or numbers for the sequences.

  2. „Time overrides“
    Now it gets special but not complicated! This setting will be used to animate your bookmarks one by one and you can decide a) how long it should take until a new bookmark will be triggered and b) how long the bookmark should appear on the screen.

    The settings are important for your videos in order to get a nice even video.

  3. Animate Group Override
    Objects can be grouped together and then be used per bookmark. It is also possible to animate your actual handwritten notes and change for instance the speed of it. Also text can be animated and the speed be adjusted to your needs.Show Pen - means that you can use an image of your choice and it will „write“ or type all animated objects. Also the speed of the movements of the pen can be adjusted.

  4. „Layer Visibility“
    Under „Edit Layer Details“ you can adjust settings which will change the way an object is animated or if it is visible at all. Further to that you can adjust the transparency of any object and create with all this astonishing effects.With transparency you can create several different animations in your video.Personally, I create my presentation of video with all the stuff included in my workbook. But sometimes your audiences should not been shown some notes for creating such a video. Therefore, I use the feature of hiding them and visibility is not turned on.

  5. Delete
    Surely, you can delete here your bookmarks if you do not use them anymore.


A step-by-step video is in planning and I will publish it as soon as it will available. In the meantime, I recommend the video from ZoomNotes. In this video you can see all options needed to create your very first video. Unfortunately, there is no audio but in my video I will guide you through and give additional explanations.

Before you start, please use a step-by-step approach to make sure that your video sequences are ok and you are satisfied with them before moving to next bookmark. Sometimes, you need to test several times the setting in order to get your perfect sequence. Also, as mentioned before it makes sense to have a video plan where all sequences are listed - so you can focus on the creation fo your video.


Since the last Update of ZoomNotes, you have now a calendar function available. Now it easier than ever before to plan your handwritten notes with your native calendar app.

In this appointment, once created, you will find a link to your site, sub site or page with your handwritten note. Just click on it and ZoomNotes will display the information needed.

If you are planning your meetings and prepare some notes, presentations or videos you have them now available when you really need them: At your meeting for instance.


In order to create an appoinment (event) you go to Tools —> Events and there is an input matrix for your event. After you entered all necessary data you press save.

Voila! You event is now in ZoomNotes and the calendar app with the correct link to your notes.


You can work even better using the x-callback-scheme for your workflow to be much more efficient.

You can find my x-callback-Tutorial here.

Currently, there is the option to open your specific document, bookmark with the x-callback-URLS like :

x-zoomnotes://open?doc=DOCUUID or x-zoomnotes://open?doc=DOCUUID&page=PAGEUUID öffnen.

New is the option to open your bookmarks too with this URL:


Do you need more information and like to share your experience please do not hesitate to contact or write a comment below.