Productivity: Your own cloud with mind maps

Well, I just published my article on how to plan your own cloud and thought it could be helpful for you to get some more tools to speed up your planning progress.


Mind mapping is a great tool to:

get a visual presentation huge tasks and it will show you how you can find the solution for any issue or question. Mind maps are great to learn things too and visualise complex matters into manageable smaller portions i.e.. Network structure etc.

All question which I asked in my article published on 11 Feb 2017 can be managed and answers with mind mapping and brings you and your vision of the own cloud closer to reality.

Why should I use a computer or tablet?

Pretty easy, the mind map will grow with your ideas and the advantages to paper is that you do not have to worry about space at all. That’s why I recommend to use a software and you can put them in smaller manageable pieces to think through your ideas.

The possibilities of mind mapping are endless and you can see your result and success but also problems occur somewhere. You are able to put notes on branches and you can just delete some and manage all your ideas with ease.

My idea is simple:

I will only recommend software and devices to you which I use myself for both MAC and WINDOWS!

I do not like to catch you to buy something what you do not need and I am not here to sell anything but like to help people to fulfil their dream of running their own cloud. So, that more people can say:

Yes, I am the owner of my data and I know where there are and have full control over them.“

To me it is important to outline this again - if you buy products from links given here, I will use this commission for you - my readers - in my raffles or Specials or I give the half of my commission directly to you in my newsletters.

It keeps exciting - so keep in touch!

In order to answer all the questions from my article „Planning“ for yourselves, I can recommend the following programs:

Scapple for WINDOWS and MAC - super easy program for mind mapping. I personally, use it to put some fast ideas in a mind map (see downloads).

Here you can get the test version of Scapple:

Homepage of Literatur & Latte

Test version for WINDOWS

Test version for MAC.

Some of you think I do not know the software nor the company. Well, if I tell you their other product is Scrivener I guess you know the developer.

If you like to write articles within your own cloud I can recommend Ulysses and Scrivener - both are very good and run nicely in your own cloud. I will show all features they got in my next articles.

iThoughts, I had introduced in my article „The first start - Planning“ as a tool for mind mapping.

If you like more than „just“ basic? Then this is for you from one of my partners:

EdrawMax - a software for diagrams of any kind, building your networks, organisation charts, project management, construction sides, mind maps and much more.

Operating systems are MAC and WINDOWS:

The web site and trial version you find here.

There are two versions Pro and Standard.

If you like, you can sign up to my newsletter - in this I will introduce new partners, discounts for EdDrawMax (Standard and Pro) for both operating systems.

EdrawMax is one of my partners who just recently joined to provide support for my readers.



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