Study: Which apps can I use for my studies?

Question from Robert dated on 08 Feb 2017

Which apps do you use for your ACCA studies?

Answer from 08 Feb 2017

For my studies I use the following apps:

  • Mind-maps from iThoughtsX which works with WebDav
  • ZoomNotes for handwritten notes, which is also available for MAC and IOS. The connection with WebDav works very nicely. I really like the zoom features and the digital ink. There is also much more possibilities within ZoomNotes such as videos, backup, sub folder and sub documents.
  • Mental Case for learning
  • DevonThinkProOffice and DEVONagent Pro for documentation, paperless office, search and research as well as linking documents together.
  • PDF Studio11 for everything which has to do with PDF creation, forms, rendering etc.
  • Pixelmator for all pictures, vector graphics
  • Ulysses for reports, dossiers, blogging and similar things. The developer are from Germany, Leipzig, and they got a great support.

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