ZoomNotes: Which port do I need for WebDav?

Question from Stephan on 10 April 2017:

Dear Steffi, a couple of weeks ago I have noticed your blog on Lars Bobach where I read your article with great interest. My next step is towards to "own Cloud" and I like to use ZoomNotes as I am really satisfied with all the possibilities available using my Synology disc station and WebDav.

I have followed your tutorial "ZoomNotes: An underestimated software..." and tried to create a new document and import another (from WebDav). However, in the import menu I can just see my root directory but no folders or content at all. I have activated the auto-backup function as well and the status is "active".

As a test I have sent a note document to my NAS but without avail - there is nothing to show up. I am really puzzled and hoe that you might can help me. Best regards, Stephan

Answer on 10. April through 12. April 2017

That is really odd that ZoomNotes cannot see the folder structure at all. Please try the following:

  • -Turn off auto-backup
  • Import - Document - Setting Dis after the IP a backslash? Is the correct port being used?

If that is alright, please check the access rights on your NAS for the shared folders - they would need WebDav and http access.

Test of access rights on NAS

The shared folders would need the following access rights (read and write):


- Users

- Everybody.

That sounds funny but even an Admin is Everybody as well as users and comes from Linux directly. Please set all three to read and write access.

Ports - Solved

Have you entered a port in your WebDav setting within ZoomNotes?

Just do a quick test: Please copy the entired URL used and paste it into your web browser. Sometimes, there is more to see in there and I would need to know which error you will encounter.

It does not matter how many time do will write to me - I will just help my readers and therefore there is no reason to be worried. Please do not hesitate to contact me with further requests.

Personally, it is important to me that my readers know that they can count on my help! In the case it will get more difficult I would use TeamViewer to solve your issue or we call each other to try to get a solution.

Dear Steffi, I have copied the URL from ZoomNotes into my browser and will be redirected to my login page of my Synology. I trust it is correct :-) All access rights are reviewed and I think they are all correct. Best regards,

Dear Stephan,

to me it seems that no the WebDav but the HTTP/s ports are in use with this URL. Using the WebDav port should result in an error message of the browser.

Please check the port number for WebDav of your WebDav server by using Menu-WebDavServer in your Synology. Standard ports should be 50005 and 5006 or 5000 and 5001. The port stated in here needs to be used in ZoomNotes too.

Dear Steffi, that was the error! Thank you very much indeed :-D BR, Stephan

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